Exotic Granite Slabs for Louisiana Kitchens

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Granite, which is both beautiful and extremely durable, is one of the most popular choices for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Some Louisiana homeowners opt for neutral colored stone with subtle patterning for maximum flexibility. But, if you want a unique and dramatic countertop that will become the focus for your home, explore the beautiful world of exotic granite slabs.

Imagine jewel-toned purple stone with gold starburst veining, or a brilliant turquoise slab with emerald green spirals; a glowing golden stone with a blaze of pearlescent flames at its heart, or a crystalline slab composed of interlocking burgundy, silver and forest-green hexagons. Choose an exotic Brazilian stone like Fusion Granite, with swirls of translucent mauve, cream, gold and ebony, or Macaubas Delicate, with runnels of grey and umber flowing through a soft white landscape. And exotic granite also works well on floors, walls, and accent pieces.

Bring the beauty of exotic granite to your home. Visit a stone supplier’s showroom today!
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Exotic Granite Slabs for Louisiana Kitchens

Exotic granite is a beautiful option for those homeowners who want to make natural stone showcase design element for their home. Vivid colors, bold veining, unusual patterns and other dramatic features are sure to make any room in your home look spectacular.

Shopping for Exotic Granite Slabs

Shopping for stone in Louisiana can be challenging, so if you have your heart set on exotic granite slab, be sure to research stone suppliers in the state first. Many companies display stone outdoors, where it’s impossible to see it accurately. Also, Louisiana weather can make shopping difficult! Slogging through dusty stone yards in heat, humidity or wind can turn what should be an exciting experience into an exhausting one. However, premium stone suppliers in the state maintain indoor facilities that make browsing for stone slabs pleasant. Omni Surfaces in Lafayette, for example, displays stone in a 15,000 square-foot showroom that’s fully air-conditioned and lit to exhibit the stone properly.
Exotic granite can be used on kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, floors and walls, and also made into custom designed accent pieces such as coffee tables, dining room table surfaces, or accent tables.
Visit an air-conditioned stone showroom today and discover the unique beauty of exotic granite.